icdesign | Brand Identity
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Brand Identity

A brand identity can be defined in many different ways, but at it’s core it needs to serve as the foundation for the brand’s visual and verbal communications. The stronger the brand to start with, the easier it is to build from.

At icdesign we develop the brand and then map out all its applications, making sure it remains consistent and retains it’s integrity throughout all the myriad of applications it’s applied to. The more comprehensive and consistent a brand identity, the more meaningful, ownable, and memorable the brand will be. We can offer you well planned strategies to implement your brand identity and its application throughout your business and marketing vehicles.

We offer a comprehensive brand design service including:

  • Strategic planning
  • Develop identities for new brands
  • Brand development
  • Logo design
  • Reposition existing brands
  • Brand management
  • Identity guidelines
  • Brochure design
  • Web and Social Brand Presence and Communications
  • Online marketing material

Logo design and development

A logo is your brand signature and at a glance it needs to communicate what it represents simply and easily. This helps to establish an immediate connection between the brand and consumer, defining  the relationship to the product and their affinity with it.

At icdesign we strive to develop logos that stand out and define what a brand represents. Whether it’s creating a new brand or rebranding an existing one, we will be passionate about coming up with a solution for you.

Our mission is to improve our client’s business by understanding their objectives and delivering results above expectation. Our aim is to provide outstanding service and effective creative solutions that not only earn return custom, but compel our clients to recommend us to others.

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